Food Grade Unsaturated Polyester Winding Resin

Winding resin-food grade winding resin
● Features and Application Executive Standard: JC/T1092-2008
● Product Cases:




Filament winding resin  9406S

● Features and Application of food grade unsaturated polyester winding resin

Executive Standard: JC/T1092-2008

CodeTypeViscosity Pa.sGel Time (mins)FeaturesApplication
9406Isophthalic resin0.35-0.806-18High breaking elongation , high mechanical strength , good toughness . Suitable for lining of pipe and tankresin . can meet the requirements of food gradeLiner of continuous winding products such as winding pipes for drinking water , fermentation tank , FRP water storage tank , agricultural irrigation pipe



 Product Cases:

9406S   1

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