Food Grade Unsaturated Polyester Winding Resin 9406S

Filament Winding Resin - Food Grade Unsaturated Polyester Winding Resin 9406S
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Filament Winding Resin - Food Grade Unsaturated Polyester Winding Resin 9406S


● Feature:

Isophthalic foodstuff-class resin,high breaking elongation , high mechanical strength, good toughness and rigidity.





Gel Time


Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
9406SIsophthalic tpye0.45-0.856-186530004.511030006740

 Executive Standard: JC/T1092-2008


● Application:

Suitable for lining layer of pipe, tank and groove required foodstuff certificate, such as winding pipes of drinking water, fermentation tank, FRP storage tank, agricultural irrigation pipe,etc.


● Instruction:

1.9406S resin without wax, promoter and thixotropic agent.

2.It is recommended curing system:

Cobalt promoter (1%Co) 0.4%-2.0%, MEKR curing agent 1.0%-2.5%.

3.Accord with GB13115-1991 stander,when making food grade FRP products,the dosage of promoter and curing agent must required to fulfill below requirements:

Tertiary amine ≤0.1%

Cobalt Octoate or cobalt naphthenate  ≤0.03%

Peroxide  ≤3.0%

4.Accord with GB13115-1991 stander, the food grade FRP products post curing executes the following processes of:

80℃ Post Curing 3-4 hours, and washing 1-2hours with 80℃ hot water.

5.It is recommended Neweco VER-2 if you have anti-corrosion requitment.


● Product Cases:

9406S   1

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