polyester resin flame

Railway standard Flame Retardant Resin
Features and Application
Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005
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railway standard Flame Retardant Resin-polyester resin flame

Features and Application of polyester resin flame

Executive Standard of polyester resin flame: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)





Add type



Halogen-free, lower smoke toxicity and density, FRP board oxygen index is 32,suitable for flame retarding product. Accord with Railway Industrial Standard TB/T138-2006 demand.

Flame retarding product Accord with Railway Industrial  Standard,

automobile manufacturing

Vehicle housing , seats, interior, etc

Performance requirements: low smoke, low toxicity, certain strength

Technology: hand paste (main), molding, extrusion, and so on



Flame retardant resin refers to the resin that can prevent or slow down the burning speed after technical treatment.

Most polymer resins are fire inflammable substances, flame retardant resin can greatly reduce its flammability, and make it on fire can be extinguished by themselves, so as to inhibit the spread of flame, reduce the combustion of smoke or toxic gas harm.Flame retardant technology often add flame retardant agent or inorganic filler, such as calcium carbonate, silicate, mica, etc., but also with good flame retardant monomer (such as vinyl chloride) copolymerization, grafting, blending with high flame retardant resin.Plastic products, coatings and adhesives made from refractory resins have been widely used in the fields of construction, transportation, electronic appliances and daily furniture.

● Product Cases:

DC802-L 2


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