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The advantages of Fiberglass SMC Pot
Jun 01, 2018

The advantages of  Fiberglass SMC Pot


multi-corrosion   resistance

resistance   to the corrosion of water, gasoline, alcohol, salt, acetic acid, sodium and   potassium compound, bitumen, acid and alkali base soil, and acid rain.



strong   impact resistance

the 3D   mesh molecular structure and reinforced fiber make the road covers have   strong resistance to impact, and easy to machining.



smoke-free   and non-toxic

the   materials do not contain halogen; it is environmentally friendly, meet the   needs of future development.



the   materials are flame-retardant(level FV0) and the smoke density ranks 15;   smoke toxicity level is ZA1; all the materials meets the requirement of UL94.


low   deformation rate

low   deformation rate can reduce the influence of temperature difference;


suitable   for all kinds of bad weather

poor   conductor of heat; resistance to high temperature; can be used in -5 to +160 condition for long term.

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