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What is winding resin
Oct 24, 2018

winding resin




Traditional winding process

Glass fiber grit impregnated with resin in a certain tension in accordance with a certain law wrapped in the rotary mold core, after curing into products


Continuous winding process

The process of resin impregnation, fiber winding, sand addition and solidification is completed on the forward moving mold by continuous circulation of steel belt.


 the selection of resins


resin of common tube








  • RPMP resin implementation of national GB/T21238-2007

  • If the requirements of heat resistance, corrosion resistance of winding pipelines, storage tanks and other products, please compare our company "heat resistance chemical resin" to choose the appropriate resin.


winding process


Product description:

  • The indicators of resin products in this document are based on the standards of GB/ t8237-2005, JC/ t1092-2008 and GB/ t21238-2007, and based on the professional technical research of the company and combined with the application practice of users.The performance of viscosity, gel time and other indicators will be adjusted with the change of seasons.The company reserves the right to modify certain parameters as technology progresses and customer needs change.User personality requirements, please confirm with the company.

  • In the production process of resin products, it is necessary for users to test, test and verify by themselves before choosing and using resin products because of the effect of multiple factors such as design, process and environment of performance realization of user products.

  • Unsaturated polyester resin products belong to 3 categories of inflammable and dangerous goods, which shall be stored and transported in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state, and shall not be exposed to the sun to avoid rain.

  • The unsaturated polyester resin product waste is stored according to gb18597-2001 standard, and the waste disposal is disposed by burning method according to gb18484-2001 standard, and its packaging containers shall be properly handled according to local environmental protection related laws and regulations.

  • Unsaturated polyester resin is not stable, should be stored in a cool, ventilated under 25 ℃ indoor, avoid fire, away from heat and radiation sources, keep container closed, waterproof sunscreen, should be separated from oxidant, acid, alkali.In accord with the above packaging, transportation, storage requirements under the premise of storage period is 6 months (including the resin of the accelerator storage period for 3 months), such as storage temperature is higher (no more than 30 ℃) storage period shall not exceed 3 months (including the resin of the accelerator storage period shall not exceed 1.5 months).




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NEWECO is one of the leading unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers and  suppliers,widely used in automobiles, ships, rail transit, wind power  generation, pipe cans, heat and corrosion protection, building materials, stone repair, sanitary ware, artificial stone and other  industries. Suitable for hand lay-up, spray, pultrusion, winding,  molding, vacuum introduction / RTM, casting and other molding processes. NEWECO Resin is committed to excellence and focuses on the application  of composite materials to provide customers with comprehensive  solutions.



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