Molding Resins For BMC

mold pressing resins for BMC
●Code No.:9018
● Features and Application
● Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005
●Directions for use:
● Product Cases:


  • mold pressing resin instruction-molding resins for BMC

     Sheet Mould Compound- of molding resins for BMC

  • Features and Application  of molding resins for BMC

  • Executive Standard of molding resins for BMC: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




ISO-NPG resin



Stabilize thickening, good heat resisting, high brightness, easy to dye, class A surface if matched with 9282

Suitable for manufacturing BMC cellar cover, traffic barrier base and other special products

Directions for use:

  • The 9108 resin contains no accelerators, waxes or thixotropic AIDS

  • The 9108 is generally compatible with the 9262 for low shrinkage molding.Generally recommend a ratio  of 9108 and 9262 to 65:35, moulded in 175 + - 10 ℃ temperature.At the same time combined with the actual operation to adjust.

  • To ensure the storage of SMC/BMC moulding materials, appropriate stabilizers should be added during production.


  • For the suggestion of limited molding temperature, it is recommended to choose NEWECO p-benzene 9102 resin or o-benzene 9123 resin.For those with higher performance requirements, it is recommended to select NEWECO collar benzene-new glutaryl glycol 9171H resin.

  • Reference formula for BMC initial paste for pit cover:

       9108 resin                                     65

       Low shrinkage agent 9262            35

       Calcium carbonate,                       240

       Quartz sand                                  120

       Zinc stearate                                  2

       Pigment paste                       Appropriate amount 

       TBPB                                               1.5

       Thickening agent                  appropriate or not added

● Product Cases:

timg (1)molding resin 11BMC 10


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